5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right LCD TV Wall Mounting Option

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Right LCD TV Wall Mounting Option

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If you are about to become the proud owner of an LCD TV (or have already done so), the next best thing you can do is invest in the right type of TV wall mounting solution. It is essential to mount the TV the right way. Mounting requires expertise and careful attention. Or else, you might end up with a cluttered, limited viewing experience that will only make your viewing uncomfortable and troublesome.

Now, you should not be having your TV mounted simply for the sake of space saving or room aesthetics alone. You should also keep your comfort and viewing experience in mind. Proper mounting will result in wide angle viewing experience. Wide angle view makes the viewing experience a bliss and provides a comfortable viewing experience too.

Here are a few points worth considering when choosing the right wall mounting solution for your LCD.

Proper size  

Plasma and LCD TV wall mounting comes in a variety of sizes. After you have decided on the suitable size for your TV, decide on your wall mounting option. Last-minute TV size decisions will make a pre-ordered wall mount completely useless.

The right type of wall  

You should carefully consider the wall where your TV would be mounted. Since most LCD TV wall mounts come with the required fastening hardware, let the supplier know what sort of wall you have. For mounting the TV on a wood-studded wall, you will need a stud locator to precisely locate the stud’s middle. Concrete anchors are used to ensure a secure fix on a concrete or cinder block wall.

TV mobility option 

You can choose between a TV wall mount that holds your TV fixed to the wall or a one that allows the TV to be moved around freely. Wall mounts that allow you to tilt your LCD TV come in a variety of types. You may choose the one that best meets your needs in terms of degree of angles and distance from the wall. There’s even a motorised alternative that lets you swing your TV easily with the touch of a button.

How strong is the wall mount?  

Choosing an incompetent TV wall mounting service just because it provides cheaper wall mounting option is not a good idea. Particularly if you have invested thousands of dollars to bring in an expensive LED TV. Examine the possible wall mount’s strength provided and choose the one that will keep your TV secure. In general, flat screen TVs are light, and wall mounts are built to support that weight. It’s a good idea to double-check the weight-bearing capability of the mount with the manufacturer to see if it fits the weight of your TV.

The installation procedure 

Your TV can be kept in place by clamps or grooves on a TV wall mount. The ones that have grooves to sink into are, on average, more durable and stable. Those designed with clamps remain sceptical, as clamp strength bears the entire burden of retaining.

Be an educated and wise customer when ordering your TV wall mounting solution so that you can get the most out of your new HDTV.

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