Additional Free to Air, Pay TV, Phone & Data Points

Do you receive poor Wi-Fi coverage around your home? Does the connection keeps going out after every few intervals?  Looking to get extra phone points installed? Do you want multiple TV point installation services at cost-effective rate? Think no further than Techni Services! We provide multiple TVphonedata points installation services. We will assist you with all your networking, cabling, data and phone point needs.

Multiple TV, phone and data points at a cost-effective rate

The reality is, you just can’t get enough TV spots at home. If you are like most individuals you will probably want multiple fully functioning TV points at every room in your home or office. To experience your favourite programmes on digital television, you do not need to settle in your living room or theatre any longer. With our help, enjoy the shows from any room, any place in your home. We provide the perfect solution needed to meet your needs efficiently. With our experience and expertise, eliminate the clutter or wires running all over your house and enjoy smooth wireless cable broadcasting from any room of your home or office.

Make the most of your free to air and pay TV services

There are plenty of additional free to air TV channels that are broadcasted without any encryption. All you need is a digital TV, the right antenna positioned at the right place, cable connection or other receiving equipment to view the content.

However, if you are one of those pay TV subscribers or is dependent on free view channels, you may need proper TV tuning and additional data points to have the TV and the setup box installed at the most convenient locations. Same goes for phone connections and internet connection. For commercial places too, loads of intercom connection is a must. So are the internet connections too. With so many employees focused on their job, having a phone on their desk, particularly for the client servicing department and the reception, is mandatory. For which, additional phone and data points are required.

Proficient antenna and device installation services to meet your needs

At Techni Services, we provide proficient antenna installation, all kinds of device installation, and TV, phone and data point installation services to make your life easy and convenient.

We provide industry standard warranties on all our workmanship. Our team of fully trained and highly skilled technicians are dedicated to providing you with hassle-free and cost-effective services to suit your needs. Whether you want to connect your home network via ethernet cables or you are looking for extra TV, phone or data points in the bedroom – we have got you covered. All you need to do is let us know of your requirements and we will take care of the rest for you.