Difference between indoor and outdoor antenna

Difference between indoor and outdoor antenna

Indoor Vs Outdoor Antenna

Indoor Vs Outdoor TV Antenna

If you want to reduce your expenses, installing an indoor and outdoor antenna comes with amazing benefits. You can enjoy many shows, movies and games for free. Based on your location, it provides access to dozens of free stations.

Buy before buying or installing an TV antenna, a few questions come to mind. Out of which one of the major concerns is that

Should you opt for an indoor or an outdoor antenna?

Before choosing between indoor and outdoor antennas, here’s what you need to know. 

Indoor TV Antenna

Indoor Antenna

Indoor antennas are smaller and less cumbersome. They can be directly attached to your televisions. But still, they are the best option for people who live in a city or apartments where mounting an outdoor antenna is not possible. Call our experts for Indoor TV Antenna Installation on 0431 746 735.  

  • Easy to install:  Indoor antennas come with a plug-and-play type of setup. It is very easy to install and can be set up in just 15-20 minutes. It doesn’t require special types of equipment.

  • Smaller: Indoor antennas are so compact as compared to outdoor antennas.

  • Perfect for apartments/condos: Indoor antennas are the best solutions when you don’t have access to a roof. But if you are near the TV broadcast towers, you can also choose indoor antennas.

  • Weak Signals: If you live far away from the broadcast tower, then Indoor antennas will not work. It works reliably only within 20 miles of the broadcast tower.

  • Large buildings can block indoor signals: Indoor antennas find some difficulty in catching proper signals if there are large buildings near broadcast towers. Building materials like brick or household appliances – fridges, computers, and phones- may disrupt your signal.

Outdoor TV Antenna

Antenna installation Melbourne

An outdoor TV antenna will offer the best-receiving signals. These are mounted on a rooftop. Due to their placement, they catch a better line of sight from the broadcast towers with fewer obstructions. Outdoor antennas perform better than indoor antennas, but the set-up is much more expensive.

  • Receive more channels: The great advantage of the outdoor TV antenna is that you can receive more channels. Catch signals from longer distances: Outdoor TV Antennas catch signals from broadcasting companies around 70-80 Kms. While the indoor antenna range is just 20 to 30 kilometres.

  • Stronger signal strength: As compared to indoor TV antennas, outdoor antennas have better signal strength and quality. This avoids disruptions while you are watching TV.

  • Cumbersome installation: The best place for an outdoor antenna is on your roof, which requires professional help. Otherwise, you’ll have to do it on your own, which is quite risky and time-consuming. This job requires special types of equipment and staff. So we would always suggest you hire professionals. 

  • Expensive: The cost of TV antennas varies from $250. It depends on the model of antennas also. But outdoor antennas are mostly expensive as compared to Indoor Antennas.


In conclusion, while both indoor and outdoor antennas serve the purpose of enhancing signal reception, their differences in design and installation location cater to distinct needs and preferences. Indoor antennas offer convenience and simplicity, making them suitable for urban areas with close proximity to broadcast towers and local channels. 

On the other hand, outdoor antennas provide superior range, durability, and signal quality, making them ideal for rural areas or locations with obstructed signals. Ultimately, the choice between indoor and outdoor antennas depends on individual requirements, geographical considerations, and the desired level of signal performance. By understanding these differences, users can make informed decisions to optimize their television viewing experience and ensure reliable signal reception.

If you are still confused, which one to choose between indoor and outdoor antenna? Contact our experts on 0431 746 735, we will guide you in the best possible way.

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