How High should a TV be on a Wall?

How High should a TV be on a Wall?

How high should a tv be on a wall

The viewing angle is one of the most essential considerations when putting a TV on the wall. The viewing angle is the point from which you watch TV, and it greatly affects how you feel about it as a whole. If the TV isn’t in the right place, it can cause discomfort, eye strain, and even neck pain.

To get the best watching experience, you need to figure out the right height for your TV. In this post, we’ll look at the numerous things to consider how high should a tv be on a wall and offer helpful advice for getting the ideal viewing angle.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Deciding the Ideal TV Mounting Height

Several variables must be considered when establishing the best height for putting your TV on the wall. The first factor to consider is the distance between the TV and the seating area. The TV should be placed so that it is at eye level when sitting down. It keeps your neck and eyes from getting tired while you watch your favorite shows or flicks.

You should also consider the size of your TV and the room. A bigger TV may need to be mounted a little higher to keep a comfortable viewing angle. Lastly, think about how the room is set up and where the other furniture is. You want to ensure everyone in the room can see the TV.

Perfect TV Wall Mounting Height

As it relies on personal preferences and the design of your home, choosing the ideal height to mount your TV on the wall might be very subjective. But you can follow some general rules to find the right height. When sitting down, the middle of the TV screen should be about eye level. It means that the TV’s middle should be the same height as your eyes. If you have a big TV or a high roof, you may need to change the height to keep the best viewing angle. It’s important to try out different heights and angles to find what works best for you and your place.

Utilizing a TV Mounting Height Calculator

If you need help figuring out the best height for putting your TV, online tools and TV mounting height calculators can help you figure it out. These tools consider the size of your TV, how far away it is from where you sit, and how you like to watch TV. By entering these parameters, you can use the calculator to determine the ideal height for installing your TV. Even though these calculators can be a good place to start, you should think about your needs and make changes properly.

Adjusting TV height for different viewing angles

Depending on how many people watch TV or what kind of programming is being watched, the seating arrangement may change in many families. It’s important to adjust the height of the TV so that you can enjoy it from different angles. For example, if you usually watch TV while standing up or prefer to sit back, you may need to place the TV slightly higher or lower. Also, consider the height of other seats in the room, like sofas or chairs, and make sure the TV can be seen from every angle.

Mounting a TV in different rooms

Depending on the room in which it is mounted, there may be a range of suitable heights. For example, if you want to watch TV while sitting in bed, hang the TV at a slightly lower height in the bedroom. On the other hand, if you want a more realistic watching experience in a living room or home theater, you might mount the TV higher. When establishing the best TV height, consider each space’s individual needs and layout.

Common TV mounting mistakes to avoid

Even though it may seem easy to mount a TV on the wall, you should avoid some common mistakes if you want the best watching experience. Putting the TV up too high is a common mistake that can cause neck pain and strain. Remember to follow the rules and put the TV at eye level when sitting down.

Another mistake is not putting the TV on the wall correctly. Ensure you use the right wall mounts and follow the guidelines from the manufacturer. Lastly, please only put the TV in a place with a little glare or reflection, as this can make it hard to watch.

Tips for getting the Optimal Viewing Angle

Here are some more things to keep in mind to get the best viewing angle:

  • Think about how the room is lit and move the TV away from direct sunlight or bright lights to reduce glare.
  • Use a swivel or tilt wall mount so you can change the angle of the TV based on where you are sitting.
  • Invest in a good quality sound bar or external speakers to improve the sound quality and make the experience more realistic.
  • If you have more than one place to sit or move furniture often, you should get an automatic TV mount that makes changing the height and angle easy.

DIY TV installation vs. professional TV installation: Which is better?

Whether you install your TV yourself or hire an expert relies on how comfortable you are with the task and how much you know about it. If you’ve done do-it-yourself jobs before and are sure of your skills, mounting the TV can save you money. But it’s important to remember that a bad installation can damage your TV or wall and make the guarantee invalid. If you need help installing your TV or want to ensure it’s done right, it’s best to hire a skilled TV installation service. They know how to do the job well and have the right tools to do it safely and quickly.

Expert Tips for Professional TV Mounting Services

If you decide to hire a professional TV installation service, here are a few things you can do to make sure everything goes smoothly:

  • Find a reliable and experienced installation service provider through research.
  • Tell the technician what you need and how you want things done.
  • To make it easier to place the TV, clear the area around it and eliminate any obstacles.
  • Talk to the expert about how to manage the cables to get a clean, well-organized look.
  • Before the installer goes, you should test the TV and ensure all its features and functions are working.

There are various professional TV mounting services available if you prefer to leave the TV installation to the professionals. These services have skilled technicians who will do the whole job of installing the TV, from hanging it on the wall to hiding the cables. They can also tell you the best height and angle for your setting.

When looking for a skilled TV mounting service, you should consider their reputation, reviews from past customers, and prices. Before making a choice, it’s always a good idea to get several quotes and compare the services they offer.


To get the most out of watching TV, you need to find the best viewing angle by figuring out the right height to put your TV on the wall. You can get the best viewing angle by thinking about parameters like how far away the TV is from the seating area, how big the TV is, and how the room is set up.

Whether you decide to mount the TV yourself or hire a team, the best results will come from following the instructions and tips in this piece. Remember that a TV that is properly fixed will not only make you enjoy it more, but it will also make sure you are comfortable and reduce the chance of strain or pain. So take the time to find the right height for your TV and raise the level of your watching experience.

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