How to hide tv wires?

How to hide tv wires?

Hide Cables on Your Wall Mounted TV

With a perfect wall-mounted TV, horrendously moving cables surely deteriorate the look as well as make your space messy. All things considered, don’t get your pants in a tangle. Your wall-mounted television without any wires lies minutes away. Here you go:

Hardware Needed


If understanding how to introduce tv wall mount and concealing links is past your expertise level, call Techni Services, TV Wall Mount Installers Melbourne and we’ll figure you out.

Directions to Hide Cables on Your Wall Mounted TV

1. Assemble all your equipment and keep them handy.

2. Eliminate TV to make the openings for the link plate.

Put your stud locater on the wall upward, moving it left to right; it would beep (as per the model) when it tracks down a stud. Mark out where the studs are so you’re not cutting into them. Do likewise for the lower link plate.

4. Draw template

3. Track down STUDS

To conceal television links in the wall, get your stencil from the link plate pack and draw your framework (keeping away from your noticeable studs) for the top and base positions.

4. Making your opening

You can either utilize a drywall shaper or Stanley blade. Cut around the format patiently. Repeat the cycle for the lower checked position.

5. Append the upper cable plate

Attach your link plate to opening right in. Your link plate will have an opening inside it for the links to poke through. While introducing the upper link plate behind the TV, guarantee the opening is at the lower part of the plate in a way that the ropes are going down. While introducing the lower link plate close to the power source, guarantee the opening is at the highest point of the link plate as the ropes are going up. Utilize a drill to fix the screws on one or the other side of the plate.

6. Taking care of the cables through

With the fishing tape, secure all links to one finish of the bendable pole. Insert the opposite finish of the pole into the top opening and the lower opening. Get the pole through and the links will follow; that’s all to it!

7. Join lower cable plate

Feed all the hanging cables through the top of your last link plate and rehash the connection cycle. If you needed to get off your TV, get help to hold it while you interface the upper links. Interface the lower links to the power source, and you are all set!

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