Where should I mount my TV antenna?

Where should I mount my TV antenna?

TV antenna

Ideally, a TV antenna should be mounted where it can get the strongest signals. However, this is normally impractical or impossible. Another point of view is that the antenna should also be mounted in a location where it can be easily serviced in case, future adjustments or repairs are required.

A TV antenna can be mounted in a variety of suitable places. It could be on your roof, on a wall, in your attic, or even on the ground. The most important factor during TV antenna installation is having a clear line of sight with the transmitter tower.

As a general rule, you can receive a good signal at approx. 50 km away from the broadcasting tower. However, installing the TV antenna in an area with weaker signals can often be overcome by carefully aiming (orienting) it and adjusting its height.

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You can mount the TV antenna almost anywhere and receive a sufficient signal if there is a short, unhampered signal path between the TV antenna installation and the transmitting towers. However, there may be significant variations in signal strength throughout your home as you move deeper into the faraway areas.

In such cases, it becomes more crucial to consider

  • Careful TV antenna selection
  • Precise orientation
  • Accurate height adjustment

Signal Reception issues and TV antenna selection

In every possibility, you should be able to locate an ideal location with easy access to the TV antenna and a working signal. Signal reception issues can arise from various factors like obstructions, tall buildings, and large trees. Interference caused by high-voltage power lines in the area cannot be eliminated. As a result, the farther the TV antenna is from obstructions, large trees, buildings, and high-voltage lines, the better the signal reception would be.

You can go to the MySwitch website and check the nearest transmitters available and the respective signal strength for your location. This will help you get started on the process of choosing the best location for an antenna.

  • An indoor TV antenna ought to be able to pick up the channels you want to watch if they are all in the Yellow category.
  • An indoor TV antenna might work if the stations are in the green category, but an attic-mounted antenna might be a better option.
  • An attic-mounted TV antenna might work if the channels you want are in the Red category, but a small outdoor TV antenna installation is better.
  • A bigger outdoor TV antenna is best if the stations you want to watch are in the Blue or Purple categories.

There will be different mounting requirements for each of these antennas.

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Orientation for Outdoor TV Antenna installation

In situations where larger outdoor TV antennas are required, the antenna’s mounting height can also be crucial. On UHF channels, even a few feet can have a significant impact on the level of the received signal.

Using a test antenna and a field strength meter, measure the strength of coming signals at various heights with the test antenna oriented toward the desired channels to determine the height requirement.

An easy dipole TV antenna can also be used with a small portable TV in the absence of a field strength meter. Simply move the antenna up and down until you get the best picture.

 Determining the antenna’s height 

The antenna’s final mounting height is determined by two factors:

  • Signal strength
  • Practicality

You need to consider the following things:

  1. Mount the TV antenna just as high as required, regardless of whether your meter demonstrates that the transmission level keeps on rising as you raise your antenna higher.
  2. Choose the height at which you can get the highest signal level without having to use a mast or other equipment that costs more and is harder to set up.
  3. Your objective is to get as close as you can to get a clear line of sight between the TV antenna and the transmitter towers so that the signal can pass through all large buildings and other obstacles.

How to Choose the Right Antenna Installation Company in Melbourne

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