Instructions for a perfect TV Wall Mounting

Instructions for a perfect TV Wall Mounting

You have currently bought a new TV to enhance your cinematic experience and also, wish to TV Wall Mounting yourself. No worries! We give you a step-by-step procedure for the job. First of all, you will need a stud finder, painter’s tape, power drill, a level, a mate and a TV mount.

Now that you have your devices spread out, you might start the mounting system. If you are comfortable with the task, it’s ok. Otherwise, call Techni Services, a TV wall mount installation Melbourne company to fix it in any case.


First and foremost, you really want to track down the right wall to mount the TV. Check every potential viewing area and approve the point you like the best. Refer to the TV wall mount level outline given below and assess how high you will mount the screen.

For 42 inch Screen = 56 inches beginning from the base to the TV’s centre

For 55 inch Screen = 61 inches beginning from the base to the TV’s centre

For 65 inch Screen = 65 inches beginning the base to the TV’s centre

For 70 inch Screen = 67 inches beginning the base to the TV’s centre


Situating your TV additionally relies upon the place of the studs. You might need to reconfigure any studs available. Run the Stud Finder along the wall to pinpoint their area and make use of a piece of Painter’s Tape to assist you with it.


Hold the TV mounting outline on the chosen position; this is where the level proves to be useful. Put the level on top of the mount and change until the air pocket goes to on target.

Make four drill opening marks (one on each side of the mount) that line up with the tape-stamped Studs.


Take the help of a companion to hold the mounting section to the wall while you drill the mounting screws into the four chosen markings.


Your TV might have a TV stand connected to it. So, eliminate the stand utilizing a screwdriver. There ought to be some apparatus included with your mounting plate. There must be mount openings on the rear of your TV. Attach the mount and utilize hardware to secure it.


For a small TV, a single person can do this progression alone. For a big screen, you need a companion. Lift it with your legs, not with a curved back. Line up the mounting plate with the mounting section and lock it into place.


You’ll need to conceal your links as a stylish achievement. You can purchase link boxes to connect to the wall, or loop them flawlessly and fold them behind the TV.

If you find a problem with the DIY wall mount, call Techni Services, a TV wall mounting installation Melbourne company at 0431 746 735. We also provide Antenna Installation Melbourne-wide.